There are two possible paths to become an SCMA member:

Safety Evaluation for Experienced Climbers

Are you a solid climber with a couple of years of experience in leading or following multiple pitch traditional routes? Are you looking for pre-arranged camping sites and Club Trips with new partners? Then we would like to invite you to join the SCMA.

First, we ask that you to take part in our half-day safety evaluation to demonstrate your proficiency in some basic climbing skills:

  • Tying the basic climbing knots
  • Rappelling
  • Ascending a rope over an overhang using friction knots
  • Setting multi-directional gear anchors
  • Tying off a fallen climber
  • Escaping a fallen climber belay

We offer the evaluation four times a year during one of our Club Trips (February, May, August, and November), and invite you to join us for the weekend and get to know some of our members and climb with them.

Once you complete the Safety Evaluation, you are on your way to enjoying the many Club Trips and new climbing partners.

Click here for an online application and explanation of the safety evaluation.   Click here for 
Liability Waiver Form.


Basic Rockclimbing Safety Skills Course...

...for climbers with less experience. You are regularly climbing outdoors; top roping and following at the local sport crag; you may have even led some sport climbs but need more work on trad anchors and protection; you can sport lead in the gym, but have never trad led or followed on an outdoor three to five pitch route? The annual SCMA Basic Rock Climbing Safety Skills Course is offered once a year on alternate weekends (starting in January and ending in April). The course covers knots, belaying, rappelling, self-rescue, climbing technique, top-rope anchors, and multi-pitch climbing. All instructors are volunteers and experienced members of the SCMA.