The Southern California Mountaineers Association (SCMA) unites skilled climbers throughout the region to provide safe climbing partners and organized trips yearlong. In the SCMA, you can meet up with old friends or find new peers of tested and proven climbing knowledge and ability, giving you the confidence to branch out and climb at new crags with new climbing partners.

The SCMA was founded in 1986, evolving from the rock climbing section of the Sierra Club since 1930's – making it one of the oldest climbing clubs in the nation. New members are required to either pass a comprehensive safety exam and evaluation climbs that test both their skill and safety techniques, or enroll in the club’s Rock Climbing Safety Course and then pass a series of evaluation climbs.

Members pay annual dues of $60 and receive access to members-only section of club's website, the directory of SCMA climbers, and are invited to attend the more than 30 free climbing tripsthat the club hosts each year to climbing destinations such as Joshua Tree, Yosemite Valley, Tuolumne Meadows, Red Rock Canyon, Tahquitz/Suicide, Alabama Hills and many more.